Last Word...

When the Time,
Takes the place in my Mind,
And my Heart,
Seems to have fallen asleep in the dark,
I see forgiveness,
In the hands of tomorrow...
And the Time,
Takes my Soul to the room,
Sleeps darkness,
Written words to this World,
In the mirror,
Nothing comes from my lips,
And all lies,
Will be higer and higer,
Like this water,
Love poisoned in my veins...
To seal my memories,
That remain in fear,
Until death...
Wait for the party beguin...

In the Time-Line,
I´m building this walls,
To hide, from Angels and Gods,
And the meaning,
For this Heavenly convulsions,
Will be lost,
In the Terminus of Pain,

I will be Semi-God,
I will be Lord of Heaven,
I will be smell, Claustrophobia,
I will be...
The last Word... into your World.

Luis Ginja