Universal Apology

If anyone can hear me, if any of this actually matters,

if consciousness is a manifestation of my existence on this earth,

I am truly and deeply sorry for everything that has happened.

For every injustice, for every death.

You are not forgotten, all of you live through history as your suffering echoes troughout the ages.

And we who exist, we who live will never forget all the times where few stood against many, where the weak and the old fought against the strong and the young, where brothers murdered brothers by just following orders.

We will never forget, but in your memory, we who exist, we who live will try and learn to forgive.

For if we never forget, and if we all try to learn on how to forgive, then history will not repeat itself.

And then just maybe with a bit of luck, we could all live in peace.

''Maybe the secret to happiness is to treat every other creature on this earth as if it was you in another existence''- Joe Rogan